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<b>Supersmile On-the-Go Professional Whitening Gum</b> 12 Pack

Supersmile On-the-Go Professional Whitening Gum 12 Pack


  • $5.00

Infused with our proprietary whitening ingredient Calprox® and sweetened with 65% Xylitol, our whitening gum is the most effective and convenient way for shamelessly fresher and remarkably whiter teeth white while out and about! Just chew it.

About Supersmile:

Supersmile is an innovative line of at-home teeth whitening products designed to safely and effectively clean teeth while contributing to better oral health. Supersmile was created in 1992 by Dr. Irwin Smigel, a highly respected figure and pioneer in cosmetic dentistry (he is often referred to as the father of aesthetic dentistry).

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