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2 Month ProFresh® Maintenance Kit 4 Bottles with Activator Pacs™


  • $ 4800

ProFresh attacks bad breath at its source - your tongue! Scientific studies have shown that bad breath is caused by bacteria that accumulate on the back of your tongue, and in hard to reach gaps in your mouth.

Using ProFresh Oral Rinse and the ProFresh Tongue Cleaner removes the biofilm that cause bacteria to accumulate, and neutralizes odor-causing bacteria in your mouth. 

Each bottle of ProFresh lasts 2 weeks, when used as directed. This 4 Bottle Kit will last you 2 months when used as directed.

ProFresh was developed by dentists, perfected by scientists, and is proven clinically effective, to remove bad breath bacteria, and eliminate the harmful odors they produce. Leaving you with a healthier mouth, and fresh clean breath.

The proprietary ProFresh formula is always alcohol-free, and flavor-free.

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